In this post, we’ll be showing you some cool Android Apps you can use to get In-App purchases for free on Android devices. In-App purchases are paid options in free Apps.

Not too long ago, we dropped a post on “How to get all Androids’ Apps In-App purchases for free without rooting” 

and even embedded a video as proof, but then, we only made reference to “Lucky Patcher” and not any other Android Apps, whereas, there are countless Apps to use in other to get in-app purchases for free on Android devices. As such, we have decided to share with our highly esteemed readers not one but 10 Android Apps to help you get those Android In-App purchases for free and while some of these Apps require your device to be rooted, other do not.

Google Playstore being the official Android store to get Apps play hosts to many Apps. While some of these Apps are premium, some are free but you would still need to pay for some services on the free Apps. Those services are known as  “In-App purchases”.

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In-App purchases can range from removing developer’s watermark in most media Apps to buying  “virtual currency, Power-ups or coins” needed to upgrade a weapon in games, to removing Ads and even going for pro versions.

Disclaimer: Well, developers earn through these in-app purchases as such, it is illegal to hack In-App Purchases but we are dropping this for educational purposes only and nothing more, we will not take any responsibility for the illegal activities done by you after reading this article.

Due to the nature of these Apps, they are not available on Google Playstore but official download links will be provided. With that sorted out, here are lists of top Android Apps to hack In-App purchases for free. 

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Watch post’s video below

10 Best Android Apps To Get In-App Purchases For Free 

Lucky Patcher (No Root)
If you are looking for an Android App to hack or get In-App purchases for free without needing to root your device, then Lucky Patcher is the perfect App for you. No wonder it always tops the list of Apps used to hack In-App purchases on Android device. It can even be used to play some online games offline. 

The App has been downloaded more than 500million times and it also has PC version.

Watch this video and see how we bypassed in-app purchase to get premium feature on an app here with Lucky Patcher. 

Its Features:
★ Apply Custom Patch to get full version of apps
★ Apply Custom Patch to get some special features
★ Remove license verification from paid apps.
★ Remove ads from free apps. 
★ Gets In-app purchases in android apps and games for free.
★ Remove watermarks 

Download and read more on how to use Lucky Patcher here.

Freedom APK (Requires Root) 
Just as the name implies, Freedom gives you the “freedom” to download any android app’s in-app purchase for free. Also one of the best Apps to hack In-App purchases on Android.

Freedom Android app actually lets you unlock the premium features of popular games and Apps for free by bypasses the credit checking system of Google Play and using a fake credit card to pay for the premium features. The fake credit card has no credit loaded but the app can convince Play Store that actual money was paid. However, to use freedom, your Android must be rooted.

Its Features
★ Premium features inside games and apps for free.
★Get free in-game upgrades which usually requires money.
★ Buy coins, tools and extra features without any cost.
Download Here


CreeHACK (No Root) 
Yet another powerful Android App to get In-App purchases for free is CreeHack.  This App enables you to hack Android games and increase your coins, jewels and money without any limit. We have been able to make several In-App purchases in video games through this App as well. But unlike the others that work with all categories of App, Creehack works only on video  games and not any other App.

 But then, Creehack doesn’t require you to root your device before it works i.e no root required.

It’s Features:
Allows you to increase gems and gold without any limit
Very small size app that’s why it installs fast and works fast
Hacks almost very game
No rooting required
Able to Bypass app payments
To use CreeHack, just open it and enable it. Now, open app where you want to hack in-app purchase. Tap to purchase something and in popup click on Buy to hack in-app purchase.
Download Here

AppSara (No Root)
With a very simple interface, AppSara is another Android App to get Android In-App purchases for free. 

AppSara app is used for in App purchases and hack your android mobile games with no root. This app is very easy to use and more than 50+ android games are supported by this app to hack in android app purchases. You can check the list of supported games on the link and if you are looking to hack in these supported games then you can hack in the app purchases with no root easily. But if you game is not there in the supported list of games then you need to root you android device first.

Simply tap on activate and hit the home button and you are good to go.

The one downside recorded on this software is it’s not supported with the English model.
Its Features:
Hack in app purchases
Android games hacking is possible and supports 50+ android games.
No root required to hack in supported games.
Download Here

Leo PlayCard (No Root)
LeoPlay card is also a very good App to get In-App purchases on Android. There is an inbuilt free play card available in the app just like CreeHack, Freedom and Lucky Patcher app. You can use this inbuilt card on Google play store. Luckily, Leo Playcard doesn’t require root.

Its Features:
Hack in app purchases with no root.

Allows you to bypass any app payments easily.

Mostly all apps are supported

Hack Unlimited Apps for free.
Download Here

Uret Patcher (Root Required)
Uret Patcher is an automatic patching device supposed to interrupt license checks, in app purchase hacking, eradicating adverts and different restrictions of android apps. It consists of customized patches based mostly on per app, common patch, emulation, instruments and utilities. Uret Patcher is coded and managed single handily by Jasi2169 and all of the patches are belonged to and managed by Jasi2169 itself. This device doesn’t break any copyrights of the apps because it makes modifications to these information that are written by android system for that app and doesn’t modify any software APKs put in. Their integrity stays untouched as earlier than so it’s completely authorized. I discussed a number of the options of Uret Patcher.

Customized patch per app based mostly out there for laborious and in style apps together with apps protected with various kinds of obfuscators.

Common patch to patch license test of any android app.

Emulations to license apps to work similar as google servers.

Take away google adverts of any android app.

In-app purchase hacking emulation.

App supervisor options like clear information, kill app, uninstall, backup apk and restore apk.

Rebooter for tender reboot,reboot,energy off and reboot to restoration with one click on.

Cleaner to scrub the cache partition,cache of all apps,wipe dalvik cache and wipe unused dalvik odex with one click on.

Spoof to masks IMEI, WiFi mac handle, bluetooth mac handle, serial, producer serial, model, producer, mannequin, gadget, product, , board.

Hook to make all apps debuggable, disable debugger join test, disable android model test on set up,permit downgrade apps,disable signature test,disable signature of apk,disable overlay detection.

Dump logs can dump logs of all apps and may be useful for different apps troubleshooting
Download Here

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TG Hack
TG Hack has been around for quite some time and it is now gaining popularity. This app has an easy to follow interface and it integrates very well into any App you want to get in app purchases for free in.
Download here

AndroPalace (No Root)
AndroPalace is a website that has everything you need. It has over 361 pages of games that you can download that already have unlimited coins, and in app purchases for free. Simply find the app you want to get and you will find it on AndroPalace, and then just install it like any other game and it will work!

Visit Android Palace

Hack App Data
This App lets you modify and also edit app data. You can use this app to increase your score, get unlimited coin/money etc on offline games. I have also used it personally to get unlimited coin/power-ups needed to upgrade a game. Technically speaking, it can view and edit data saved in SharedPreferences and data saved in Sqlite database.

(It also contains memory hacking for certain rooted devices)

★ 2 hacking modes: Static hacking (SharedPreferences & Sqlite database) and dynamic hacking (memory manipulation)
★ 2 working modes supported: Root mode and Non-root mode
★ Totally free of Ads.
★ No extra permissions
Download Link Here

APK Editor 
Another App that works similar to Hack App data is APK Editor. 
Download Link Here

With this post, getting those in-app purchases for free won’t be an issue anymore. Do you know any other app used for hacking in-app purchases? Then tell us through the comment box and we’ll update the post.
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