No doubt, every Instagram user would love his/her post featured on Instagram’s explore page and this is solely because the explore page can set off a viral effect that has the potentials to attract hundreds or even thousands of likes, comments and followers in a very short period of time. However, to get your posts featured on Instagram’s explore page which is now changed to the search page, you’ll need to first understand some basic Instagram algorithms.

How to get featured on Instagram explore page

Whatever you see on on your explore page is based mainly on what you engage with i.e what pops up on your explore page will be different from what shows up on mine.

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Instagram algorithm changes day by day, but there is a fixed method by which it shows pictures of users on the Search page of others. Now I will discuss how Instagram does that and how it ranks posts based on that algorithm. 

Let’s assume that you posted a picture on Instagram. What will happen if your photo starts getting likes and comments? Instagram will think that your photo is more engaging than others and it will show your photo to others through its Explore page. So the more likes you get, the more your chances of getting on the search page of the friends of the person who has liked your photo. Get continuous Likes and Comment on your newly posted post, is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. Instagram algorithm works around this.

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Now that we have established the fact that getting featured on Instagram explore page resolves around how well other users engage with your post through likes and comments, there is need to also know that getting false likes from third party Instagram App likers will never get you featured on the explore page and this is because after getting those fake instant 1000 likes, your photo will get fewer likes. Instagram will find out that your likes are fake and your post is not engaging.

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 Also, many assume that profiles with thousands of followers only get their photos on the search page, well, that would be termed true only if the thousands of followers engage with their post, but asides that, getting thousands of followers who are not engaging with your post through likes and comments won’t get you featured on Instagram’s explore page. The algorithm works with number of engagements and not the number of followers. This is the very reason why buying Instagram page is not always advisable. Just imagine someone who garnered 30k Instagram followers through posting semi nude girls selling a page to a food page. After buying the page and you start posting food posts, those 30k followers would either unfollow or stop engaging with your posts. 

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How To Get Featured On Instagram Explore Page

To get featured on the explore page, there are guides to help you achieve this.
★ Use Instagram Engagement Groups 

If you have ever used an Instagram Engagement group before, you would agree with me, its the fastest and most legit way to get your post featured on the Explore page. Instagram Engagement groups are just like WhatsApp group and the basic idea is the same, but with few key differences. Let me explain.

In a typical Instagram engagement group, mostly hosted on Telegram, each member lets the group know when they’ve published a new post to Instagram. This is usually done through a group Instagram DM. Then, each member of the group must like and/or comment on that person’s post as soon as they can.

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Different engagement groups have different rules for when this has to be done by, but in general, each member must catch up on giving likes/comments before they are allowed to post their own to the group.

The likes + comments received from group members helps you boost the engagement and visibility of your post on Instagram, which in turn helps you get to Instagram’s explore page and also increase your followers without stress. The concept behind Instagram engagement groups is based on how Instagram algorithm works. 

There are tons of Instagram Groups on Telegram, you can search them on Google to find out the best for you.

★ Encourage Followers To Interact With Your Posts (Call to Action)

Call to action like telling your followers to “double tap” on the photo, asking them questions in the caption, telling them to leave comments and asking them to “tag a friend” are very necessary. Getting more likes and comments will improve your chances of being displayed in the Explore tab by the followers of the users who are interacting with your content.

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★ Use Proper Hashtags
Of course, almost every Twitter and Instagram users already know the importance and use of hashtags, but definitely, not everyone of us is using it right. There is a hashtag scope which not too many people know. 

Let’s assume you want to promote a product and you decide to promote it through display advertisement eg. display board. Now you have to choose a place to put your advertisement board. What type of place will you choose? A place with lots of other ad boards displaying the products like you or a place where there are less number of other displays. You will definitely choose latter one because the less number of boards there, more chances to get noticed by the public. 

This is how Hashtags work also. Don’t try to push your post on popular hashtags. Use Hashtags with little traffic or posts. The benefit of this is that your post, with only a few likes, will be on the top page of that Hashtags as every hashtag has a top section. This will definitely increase your chances of getting more engagement and getting your post on the popular Explore page of Instagram. Also, using the right hashtag in line with your targeted audience and page is key.

★ Avoid Fake Likes Apps
There are countless numbers of fake Instagram like Apps and even though alot of them actually give you those Instagram likes, those Instagram likes gotten from third party Apps will never get you featured on Instagram Explore page. Instagram only reckons with likes legitimately gotten from its App and not anywhere else. Using fake like Apps also hurt your profile authenticity. Growing your profile organically by using various hashtags and promoting using engagement groups are better options.

★ Continuously Build Your Following of Active Users
It’s still important to gain followers if you want to compete for popularity, but make sure you’re getting more than just a follow out of it. Engagement is key here. Lots of users may have tens of thousands of followers, but if only a couple hundred or so are currently active, the rest of those inactive accounts won’t be doing you much of a favor in getting you on Instagram explore page.

★ Keep Up With Trends 
To get on the popular page, you must figure out how you can get lots of likes on your photo from a combination of your followers and from others in a very short amount of time.

Instagram only looks at what’s recently trending, so the faster you gain likes and comments on a photo, the higher chance you have of getting there.

★ Time Factor 
You’re not going to receive as much engagement when you’re posting a photo at 3 a.m when almost everyone would be fast asleep. If you truly want to maximize your chances of your photo being seen and engaged to get you to explore page, try posting at times of the day when you think people might be on their phones like at lunchtime, after school or work and early on in the evenings.

Lunch time and 5 pm when people are getting off work are examples of optimal times to post. Keep in mind that these work better if your audience is in the same timezone as you.    

★ Upload Quality Posts
Instagram is a photo-sharing app after all, and people want to be inspired by the photos you share. Think of a colour scheme and/or theme for your photos. With that said, take quality selfies, apply filters and feed your followers with clean, clear pictures. 

You may also want to consider the ratio between the number of people you’re following and your followers. Who knows if Instagram looks at this, but it probably wouldn’t look great to Instagram if you’re following 100,00 people while you only have about 4,000 followers.

Finally, following these steps would definitely get your posts featured on Instagram’s explore page in the shortest period of time. 
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