One unique feature which stands android Os out among every other Operating System is the variety of apps in its store ranging from games to chats, photography, wallpapers to mention a few and the ability of developers to come up with various third party Apps to enhance our Android devices. Having said this, one is faced with the challenge of getting the best out of the numerous Apps available for download on the store. As such, we have always been on the look out for the right Android app that will give the best Live Cable Channel experience in terms of number of Channels offered and at the same time getting all these channels on Android device at no cost, i.e these channels are delivered to you at no subscription cost. The best we have come across so far is Mobdro app.

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The Features of Mobdro App:

  • Like over a thousand real cable channels if not more.
  • Features to download shows for free.
  • chose your favourite channels from the thousands of channels available.
  • Image/Video quality is superb (as you can see from screenshots below)
  • It’s free to use although premium version is also available.
  • Over 98% of the channels work flawlessly.
  • Channels are grouped into genre such as: News, Movies, Shows, Music etc.
  • It also provides you with share feature i.e let your friends know what you are up to on the app.
  • Overall, this is the best, easy to use Cable Channels App on Android so far.
You can download the app here install and enjoy unlimited access to over 1000 cable channels without subscription.

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